Hotmail says my password is don’t exact, but I know it right. What should I do?

Help me !!!

Answer 1

If you trying log in your Outlook account but your password doesn’t activity. When that, your Outlook account had problem. This may be: Your Outlook account was hacked. Someone had your password and they went to your account and change password and all information in your account. You had the same password for many account and long time you didn’t change it. That often make it easier was hacked. If you use that password on many other accounts, you should change it now. Here’s some methods you can use to recover your account when it have problem. You should go to your Outlook account and change your password. You can see the post Hotmail change password. The step to work when your Outlook account was hacked. You can see the post What Should I Do If My Microsoft / Outlook account was hacked? Go to Microsoft support page to help. You can follow the post Hotmail Support & Outlook Support. You should often check your Outlook account to save it.

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