Dear Sirs, Oct 13, 2016 my email account [email protected] have been hacked and my address book stolen. My addresses are used sending letters from the hotmail account [email protected] Is it possible to block account [email protected] it is a criminal activity ? Waiting for the response

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When your email account is hacked, here are several steps you need to take : Check your computer’s security Change your password and make it stronger. Do this after your anti-virus and anti-malware programs are updated or the hackers may collect your new password as well. Send an email to your contacts saying you were hacked. No reputable bank or company is ever going to ask you to ’authenticate’ information online Validate the legitimacy of any program/game/app/video/song before downloading it If you are a Hotmail user, there is a feature that can help you, or others you know who have had their email account hijacked. Called "my friend’s been hacked" and found under the "Mark as" dropdown, a simple click allows friends to report compromised accounts directly to Hotmail. When you click that button, a report is sent to Hotmail where that report is combined with other information to determine if the account in question was in fact hijacked.

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