Hotmail sign in problems

The username or password that you’ve entered is incorrect

Firstly, you should check your account that you are trying to log in whether or not it has typed correct email address and password. With this issue, you need to remember the correct username and password, and then attempt to log in again. If your login attempt has failed, you may need to reset your Hotmail password.

If you wish to reset your password, please find the link and follow the instruction right here: Hotmail password reset.


Account temporarily blocked

If detects any unusual activities in your account, then they will block the account temporarily. You unblock account with few simple steps as follows.

Go to sign in page and try to log in your Hotmail account. You have to enter your mobile number to request a security code. You will get a security code via SMS or an automated voice call. When you enter the security code, you have to change old Hotmail password to complete the unblocking process.

Your account was closed

There are three circumstances lead to that occurrence

The first case: You closed the account

Within 60 days since the day you closed the account, you only can do log in once. However, If there are more than 60 days, hence your contacts and emails will be deleted permanently and all the Microsoft services that connected to that account also consequently unreachable. As a result, you should carefully consider the shutdown decision on the Hotmail account.

The second case: Your account was closed due to inactivity.

If your account is inactivated in more than 365 days, it will be eliminated permanently and cannot recovery

The third case: The account was closed due to skeptical activity

You might use a hot mail account for misleading purposes, such as spamming with a considerable volume of junk mail which some people may find it annoying… It will lead to the account being closed

Hotmail deactivation

Be very careful while closing or deactivating your Hotmail account. Think twice about its consequences before making your decision; you should delete it only if you must have to do so.

Log in to your Hotmail ID regularly or at least a month so that it won’t be closed for inactivity. 

Do not use your Hotmail account to spam people.

If you think your account was closed due to error, let’s visit Hotmail support page and submit a request. If it is the case, you will get back your Hotmail ID.

My account is hacked

In case of you can log in:

You should clean up computer system such as Scans, Trojan, Malware…

Next step is to change the password, update a new alternative email

In case of you cannot log in:

You can reconstruct the password via “reset password”. If you fail the attempt again, you might wish to rely on Microsoft support team. Please note, you need to remember all information that provided on email registration correctly for recovery and provide the password on the form.

Didn’t receive the verification code

You need o request confirmation code again. Please note, you have to insert images from another email or phone number. You should verify those two steps to secure your account safely.

My Hotmail account redirected to

Do not worry; it is not a problem. Microsoft has upgraded the to All of your emails, contacts, and calendar will remain same, and you can access all of them with your old Hotmail account. You do not have to change your Hotmail ID.

I can’t log in with my Hotmail aliases

You can send and receive mail from your aliases account, but to log in, you have to use your primary Hotmail account which you have signed up.



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