Fix storage limit issue in Outlook

Storage space for your email increases monthly. Email attachments can to hold a lot of storage space so if the amount of storage you use takes up most or all of what's available, you might not be able to send or receive any messages.

You cannot send or receive any messages if your stored data exceed or nearly exceed the storage limit. You need to delete some unnecessary.

So you can to expand your storage space follow a few method below:

1. Empty your junk folder by deleting all mails in Junk mail.

  • Click Junk mail on the left bar.
  • Then choose email and click Delete.


2. Empty your deleted items by delete all mail on Deleted Items.

  • Click Deleted Items.

  • Then click Empty folder.

  • Click Ok.

  1. Delete unwanted emails from your inbox or archive folders.
  2. Save photos and documents in OneDrive rather than in emails.



  1. Clean up your junk mail folder.

    In the Mail inbox, Click "Junk Email" ---> Choose "Empty folder"


  2. Sweep your emails to select some unwanted emails in your inbox or email folder.

    In the inbox, choose emails from the senders that you don’t want to receive.

    On the menu bar, choose Sweep.

  3. Delete some large folders.

    Come to the  storage folders of your documents and pictures, choose Sort ---> Size.

    Delete unnecessary documents by right clicking on the files and choose "Delete":

  4. Delete unnecessary messages and folders

    Delete some unimportant messages and folders by choosing them and clicking on “Delete”.


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