Sam Madeira

Hotmail : Cannot log in from iPad

cannot log in from iPad

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Hi Sam Madeira,

I’m glad to assist you with your concern. If you have problems with account log in from iPad ( Safari or other internet web browser on your devices working well ). Lets checking :

  • Are you being asked to verify your account first, what does the screen show you ?
  • Did you enable the "two step verification" of your Microsoft account?

Try to verify hotmail app with Two- step Authentication as well and see if this might solve your issue. Kindly refer to the link below for the instructions. ==>

Please let us know of the result !

Thanks you

Hi! I just had a similar problem with my hotmail. I resolved it by going to my microsoft account, then Security and Password, where I turned off the two step verification. That fixed the problem. Hope it helps.

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